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During all my profesionnal career, I always faced the same problem regarding documentation, tools and processes. All the information you may find on different sources share the same incompleteness, they do not explain real life uses, how to implement a process in a real situation, how to use that tool profeciently within a team, how to provide real value. You will find yourself still hungry requiring a senior to assist you.

This blog represent a source of knowledge for all engineers wanting real-life scenarios and implementations, and not just 'How to...' guides.

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  • What mobile version and devices should be tested before releasing ?image
    Published on

    What mobile version and devices should be tested before releasing ?

    When testing a mobile application for production, you are faced with a problem : What devices shall I use to test it it ? Shall I use the mast IOS version ? Shall I use the last android ? What about anterior versions ? I will answer in this article to those questions to make sure you provide a testing plan that guarantee compatibility with most devices.

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started with Test Automationimage
    Published on

    A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started with Test Automation

    The most praised skill in QA is Test Automation. In this article, I will explain and talk about the basics of Test Automation without getting into the technical stuff (There will be articles for that). I will also give you from my experience the best roadmap that will set you up in learning Automation Testing.

  • How to get a job in Quality Assurance ?image
    Published on

    How to get a job in Quality Assurance ?

    Getting a job in Quality Assurance is not easy, it is not as obvious as being a frontend / backend developer or an architect or anything that has a clear set of skills.
    Here, I will explain what skillset you need to have and what to aim for to get your foot in the door of Quality Assurance. I will also share with you a short story of my own experience.

  • Quality Assurance Roles (QA Responsabilities)image
    Published on

    Quality Assurance Roles (QA Responsabilities)

    What do i have to do ?
    Is this my responsibility ?
    What is Quality Assurance people day-to-day like ?
    Is Quality Assurance for me ?

    Those are some of the questions you may ask yourself when you apply for a QA role or as your start your career in QA, or even throughout your journey as responsabilities can get kind of blurry. I will try to answer those questions in this article and provide valuable information to anyone who's intrested in pursuing a career in this field and wanting to gather all the information needed.

  • Software Testing Levelsimage
    Published on

    Software Testing Levels


    Software Testing Levels.

    Any QA person (or tech person) has seen the "Pyramid". Yeah that pyramid. It shows the different levels of Quality testing according to the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board). Each level is stacked on the previous one, making it more generelized and focused on a broader part of the system. As we got to the high end of the pyramid the focus shifts from a single unit of code to the software as a whole.